All the things I'd tell you if we were drinking coffee together today. β˜•

February 2023

A few gentle recommendations for you: to read, to listen & to practice.
All the things I'd tell you if we were drinking tea together today. β˜•

January 2023

The complete list of my favorites, plus my #1 book of the year & a blessing for your reading life

December 2022

2 simple practices helping me bless my needs & sickness in December

November 2022

Here are some questions & recommendations for navigating what might be a gift for your heart this Christmas season.
Dear friend, I love picturing where we’re sitting and the mugs we’re holding as we lean towards each other and I share my heart in letter form. Today…

September 2022

gentleness in transition, my favorite books of the summer & three invitations for you 🌿

June 2022

From car mints to a reread of a favorite book, here's what's helping me feel like a person lately.

February 2022

My Lenten companions this year and a few gentle recommendations for you.
for when you're grieving and needing a few seeds of hope
what I'd tell you if we were sitting on my porch, munching party bark & soaking up the rare gift of February sunshine